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About us, Joels Brygga

The Restaurant

A fish restaurant with its own smokehouse, in what we think is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden – right by the sea. We source all of our raw materials locally. They are freshly fished and harvested by our partners and then carefully assembled and processed by our passionate chefs.

It might not be that difficult to cook, but preparing really good food takes knowledge and passion. We burn for good ingredients, for a sustainable way of life, for the sea and for community.

Regionality and seasonality are important to us, true to our motto – sustainability is the future.

Come and immerse yourself in a dreamlike idyll, enjoy freshly caught fish prepared with heart and soul, accompanied by a good drink. Marvel at the wonderful view and spend time with your loved ones.

Joel, Stina & Jessica

Joel Kaspersson, Stina Ekman and Jessica Persson – A Hallandian, a Westgöte and a Norrlander, short and sweet. We all have experience with the restaurant business and can’t imagine working with anything else.

Stina has previously been running Stinas on Getterön for many years, Joel has been head chef over five restaurants and two cafes at the same time (!!) in Ramundberget, Funäsfjällen while Jessica steadily has been taking care of staff and operations in different restaurants over the years. Together we become the perfect trio with so much knowledge in the trade that it can’t be mistaken.

At Joels Brygga, we want to share our knowledge and passion for food and drink so that more people can enjoy good food in the best of environments, by the sea.

How did it all begin?

It all started when Joel and Jessica ran into Stina at Varbergs torg. Joel had previously worked for Stina out at Getterön, so we started talking a bit about everything and nothing. Joel mentioned in passing that it would be fun to start something of his own sometime but that there was a poor selection of locations right now… then a light went off in Stina’s eyes!

The day before, Stina had heard news that the old Hamnbryggan was for sale.

It didn’t take many days before Stina contacted them about what she had heard, and with that, the ball was rolling and here we are today with a fantastic opportunity in front of us!

How do we work sustainably?

Sustainability is not only about our environment, it is also about how we work and how we take care of each other. Here is a bit of how we work sustainably:

  • Sorting of waste and garbage
  • Renewable energy – solar panels
  • Local seasonal ingredients
  • Waste smart – we don’t throw scraps away but make salad with them
  • Working to reduce our energy consumption
  • The staff should have an equal workplace
  • The staff should have sustainable working hours and tasks

Our Craft

We buy all our chicken from Alexandra in Valinge. She raises roosters and on the farm there are also pigs, tulips and some other goodies!

Fish and shellfish according to season and availability. Here we get to know where the fish comes from, how it was caught and we have a close collaboration with Björkäng Fish. For example, you can buy our fish steaks and sauces from them!

Fresh mackerel at its best! We smoke it in the smokehouse and serve it to Christmas tables.

Swedish-farmed mussels in Mollösund! Mussels help to clean the sea, so of course we choose Swedish mussels!

The sea’s new gold! We partner locally with the Hay family! Louice and Eva-Maria are Varberg’s own seaweed divers and pick seaweed in season.

We also buy seaweed from Cassandra and Erika at Ten Island Sea farm, where they grow sugar seaweed outside Öckerö.

We buy our oysters from Ulrika in Havstensund, who has her own cultivation there. Currently the only commercial cultivation in Scandinavia.

We buy all lamb parts from Cecilia and Anders at Holmåkra in Veddige. There they run an organic and KRAV-marked breeding of lambs and ewes.

During the season, we buy lots of herbs and tomatoes/cucumbers/salad from Raimo, up in Torpa.