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Á la carte & Weekends, Joels Brygga, Varberg

Á la carte & Weekend-menu
Joels Brygga, Läjet, Varberg
12 – 15

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Swedish Oyster 55:-

Gratinated Swedish Oyster 55:-

Joels Toast Skagen
Starter/main course 145:-/295:-

Gratineted Crayfish 225:-

Swedish roe 30g 225:-
Brioche, creme fraise, red onion


Meal of the day 200:-

Pan-fried Plaice from Skagerrak 350:-
shrimp, vegetables, browned butter

Joels fish- & shellfish stew 275:-
roasted garlic aioli, shrimp & fennel

Cod back 325:-
roasted crayfish, lemon and shellfishsause

Bryggans Shrimps sandwish 245:-
150 gram shrimps, rye bread, salad, egg, mayonnaise, lemon

Stina´s Meatballs 175:-
creme sause, potato, cucumber & lingonberries

Vegetarian meal of today 175:-



Crème Brülée with cardamum  120:-

Homemade ice creme 65:-
ask for todays flavours

Homemade chocolate truffle 40:-